16 Oct

Boomtown Anthem 2015 / Free download /

boomtown anthem

Few months ago I got a request from Boomtown Fair to make an anthem that will be used in their official after video. I was very excited as this is a big thing for Polish producer to make something official in UK especially if we are talking about such a great event as Boomtown. I played there at Lions Den two years ago with Dr Ring Ding, El Fata and Kasia Malenda and the vibe was wicked.

The guide lines for the tune were as follows:

  1. Needs a chilled reggae intro
  2. Big drop right at the start straight into jungle / dnb / bassline
  3. Needs to be cool :-)
  4. Needs to keep up tempo all the way through with a brake down into a folk / gypsy style sound around 3 quarters of the way through then a big build up and drop back into rolling dnb for the end
  5. Needs to have a reggae / ragga influence with vocals etc
  6. Needs to be fresh and original

So basically what this means? That it has to be 3 or even 4 songs smoothly progressing from one to another, changing mood, tempo and general feeling!

“No problem” I said ;)

During 3 sessions at Superfly Studio and Overtime Studio, together with my music partner Przemysław Sokalczuk, we came up with something like that:

We’ve started with remixing my tune with Kojo Neatness – Boomtown (you can find it in our store on 12″ vinyl), later adding more live instruments for that gypsy break down. Hand claps, drums, guitars, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and some lyrics from forthcoming  release with Blackout JA.

You can download it from here.

Make sure you check official Boomtown After Video.

And here is some footage from our show 2 years ago